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Let Our Team Create a YouTube Ads Strategy for your Company’s Online Marketing PlanBenefits of YouTube Ads

As experts in video marketing, we can help you create a strategy that increases your YouTube subscriber count, builds the integrity of your brand, optimizes your channel, and most importantly, drives sales. Any business and brand can benefit from YouTube video ads, but they are especially useful for brands and companies that have a hard time explaining what they do. When done with the right strategy and optimization, YouTube advertising can increase brand exposure and customer retention. YouTube ads cost a bit more than other types of marketing strategies, but they are still affordable and cost-effective.

YouTube advertising:

  • Is highly targeted
  • Helps you connect with your audience
  • Provides fast results
  • Offers you an advertising platform to millions of potential customers
  • Creates more engagement and is memorable
  • Is easy to track and measure

Types of YouTube Ads

There are four main types of YouTube ads, and at ROI Web Marketing, we know how to use them all to get results.

  • Video discovery ads
  • Non-video ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads

Video Discovery Ads

Video discovery ads used to be called in-display ads. These ads show up alongside the organic search results. So, if your video appears more relevant to what the viewer is searching for, they can choose to watch it. This is where optimization comes in and why it is so important.

Non-Video Ads

It may seem odd, but YouTube offers advertisers the option of displaying non-video ads on the right-hand sidebar when someone is watching content related to what your brand offers. They consist of an image, text, and call to action that includes a link to your website. These are great for brands and businesses starting out with a relatively small marketing budget.

Skippable In-Stream Ads

Skippable in-stream ads are the ads that play before (pre-roll) or during (mid-roll) a video. As the name suggests, viewers have the option to skip past your ad after the first five seconds. You pay if they keep watching or click on your video ad.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

With non-skippable in-stream ads, you can also choose pre-roll or mid-roll placement. More than 70% of people claim they automatically skip ads. A non-skippable ad may be a good strategy if you have great content that holds your audience's attention and are trying to cast a wide net to lift your brand awareness. With these ads, you pay per impression.

Why Work With ROI Web Marketing?

Our company is an all-in-one digital marketing agency in the top 10 most Google-reviewed digital marketing agencies in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have more than 10 years of experience handling all internet marketing needs for small businesses across many different industries. As a small business ambassador, we’re passionate about helping businesses grow and are happy to introduce you to other well-respected and trustworthy business service providers, including video experts who can create attention-grabbing YouTube videos for you. In our efforts to be transparent, we offer results-based, measurable, and advanced reporting, so you can see all of the data metrics that are important to your business.

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  • "Been dealing with Kevin for years. Very thorough and great to work with!" - Dave MacNeil

  • "Kevin has demonstrated his ability to stay a step ahead of the trends. Doing so has enabled me to capture a first page ranking on Google and create growth for my business. I always enjoy hearing what Kevin has in store next for my marketing and how it will impact the growth of my business." - Maki Riddington, Owner of Maki Performance Training

  • "Kevin not only has helped me re-launch my website, but has also helped me understand the value of internet marketing. Kevin has taken the time to listen to our needs and what we want to accomplish with our website. He has also brought some remarkable ideas to the table. Kevin will give you great quality, service and maintenance at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to take advantage of internet marketing and social media as well as getting great service and advice." - Joseph Tablan, Financial Security Advisor

  • "I highly recommend ROI Web Marketing. They are able to understand your needs and work to bring about the best outcomes. They are easy to talk to and take your thoughts seriously. I think they go beyond what they need to." - Dr. Simone Baum

  • "ROI Web Marketing recently finished our new website for South Vancouver Family Place. Kevin and his team were patient, responsive, professional and creative in their work. We appreciate the time spent and the end product was exactly what we had hoped for. We will continue to use ROI as our web host as we appreciate their work and their expertise. Thank you Kevin and Samantha and ROI." - South Vancouver Family Place

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