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Internet marketing is all about content.

People always ask us, “How can I help increase the SEO or lead generation of my website?” I often answer them by saying: you must write new, quality, relevant content on your website to attract more qualified website visitors.

One of the biggest factors that’s missing on company websites is fresh and consistent content creation and promotion that’s engaging for customers to follow, learn from, and gain awareness from. But not all companies can afford in-house content writing experts along with all the other areas they need to focus on.

Many business owners don’t have the time, skills, or resources available to create and follow a plan to update their website and educate their client base with valuable, highly relevant content.

Introducing our Content Marketing Strategy Packages.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy (CMS)?

A CMS is Like a Business Plan for Online Content

Consider these questions that form the basis of a business plan:

  • What is your business purpose, and why do you do what you do?
  • What is your unique selling proposition that sets you apart from competitors?
  • How would you describe your target market?
  • What kind of impact would you like to make with your business?

Our Content Marketing Strategy (CMS) is a much more simplified version of this to keep your content organized, make your marketing more efficient, and hold you accountable to that consistency in your marketing.

Let’s face it. You are a busy business owner, and you may not have the time to keep a full-scale CMS up to date, let alone develop it in the first place.

Our Content Writing Process

Our Content Marketing Packages Are Unique and Marketing Focused

We’ve developed a system where we write one blog post that’s meant to create engagement and speak to your ideal target audience. This article is promoted via social media and optionally sent out via email newsletter software to your followers. Another article is written as a landing page to enhance your paid advertising campaigns and improve your organic search engine optimization.

We start with a discovery meeting to discuss your goals regarding what you’d like to educate your clients about. We come back to you with different article concepts for you to approve. We research and write high quality articles that speak to your target audience and are meant to create engagement and brand awareness. But it doesn’t stop there. We take your article content, update your website, and promote the new page online to your target audience. If you are one of our monthly marketing clients, we can add advertising dollars so that your new article gets seen by even more people.

  1. Discovery Meeting
  2. Research Topic
  3. Approve Concepts
  4. Write Blog Post
  5. Write Landing Page
  6. Approve Article(s)
  7. Finalize
  8. Update Website
  9. Share in Email Newsletter
  10. Promote on Social Media

Designed to not take too much of your time as a busy business owner, the package is a quarterly package, so you know the next 3 months of articles that will be scheduled and promoted once per month. This gives your target audience consistent value and constant reminders of what you do and that you exist. Companies that don’t update their website, have a stale social media presence, or lack fresh, relevant content can often give off the impression that they may not exist or are winding down their business. Stay consistent with your marketing by subscribing to one of our Content Marketing Packages.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization
  • Create engaging content for your social media marketing
  • Increase exposure and Internet marketing reach
  • Remind and educate current clients, so they come back and buy from you
  • Use this same content in your email marketing strategy; optionally, have us create your email content and schedule your email to be sent out
  • Stay organized with a Content Marketing Strategy, so you know which posts are going out, when, and what the impact and outcome of each post will be

Get started with a content marketing package today to improve your Internet marketing now! Contact us.

Client Results

We've helped 100s of companies over the last 10+ years grow their business online.
Here are some of their stories.

“As a client of ROI we are very pleased with the service. Kevin and his team go above and beyond to create a great client interaction which allows your vision, as the business owner, to come to life quickly and effectively. We have seen 200% in Jan for growth and 170% in Feb. Give your team and you my best!”

Cecil Bond, Mr. Cover All

“We are using Kevin and his team at ROI Web Marketing for our Hatstore at Granville Island to help boost our Google and Web Marketing activities. His process to learn about the client, their needs and wants as it relates to Internet Marketing is second to none! If you are wanting to promote your business online and get ranked higher on Google, there is nobody finer than ROI Web Marketing!“

Nate Toevs, Granville Island Hat Shop

“Can’t recommend this company for web and SEO marketing enough. Without them I don’t know where I’d be today. They’ve done everything from build my website to optimizing my keywords and build me up a great online presence. KEVIN and his team are very responsive to any of my questions or request. Thank you guys your amazing!“

Kurtis Martin, Unique Detailing

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