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10 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer When Building A New Website

So, you are looking for a new website?

Here’s some questions you should consider asking your web designer before you start to build your website.

1. Conversion Strategy

Will there be intake forms to extract lead contact details from the visitors visting the website?

What will the website ask the visitor for? Name, email, phone, any other specific questions?

Having a flow to your website and content that converts is important for any website. You are in control of what you want the website visitor to read and go to next. Your web designer should be able to help create a flow to your website that educates them on common questions people ask you during your sales process.

2. Calls to Action

What are we asking the visitor to do when they get to the website?

Having a conversion strategy is the biggest key to assisting you with writing the calls to action. See if your web designer can help with assist with this.

3. Content Writing

Do I have to do all the writing myself or can you help?

Some web designers have a discovery process to help with writing the content for the website. This is an excellent process to go through if your web designer can offer this as part of the package. There’s likely some things you haven’t thought about in your business or digital marketing strategy that this discovery process with uncover.

4. Fresh Content Areas

Where will my blog posts show up throughout the website to give my blog more exposure?

Are there going to be areas on the homepage that display my latest blog updates? Keeping your website up to date will help keep your website fresh for visitors that come back to checkout your website. This also helps for Search Engine Optimization. Google likes it when websites have unique fresh content updated regularly.

5. Mobile Responsive

Will the website look good on all devices?

Will the website be responsive? Most web designers should be building for mobile in mind. This does depend on your budget of course. It does cost more to code for mobile responsiveness. Ensure that you are getting a mobile responsive website or at least a mobile version of the website created. Google has different search results for mobile based searches. You can be losing out on potential mobile website visitors if you don’t allow them to properly read your website.

6. Can You Update it Yourself?

WordPress and Joomla are common Content Management Systems that can be used as the platform for your website. Both of these will allow you to update it on your own without being a super geek. Ask your website designer if this is possible and what they are going to use for the CMS.

7. Upgrades and Maintenance

What does it cost for you to update my website in the future?

Is there a maintenance package or hourly rate that you are available to help keep our website up to date when we need help with this. What’s the average turnaround time for website updates to be completed?

8. Photos

Do I have to provide you with photos?

Or can you source stock photos from somewhere? It’s always best if you as the client have photos of yourself and your business services. Although, hiring a photographer may not be in the budget. If your web designer can source stock photos for you that’s great too. Worth asking this before beginning the project.

10. Web Hosting & Domain

Does your web designer provide web hosting?

Web hosting is where your website is located and gives it an uplink to display it on the Internet. Quality web hosting average prices range from $10 – $90/month depending on the package you have. 

Can your web designer register your domain for you and what is the cost?

A domain is your website address ( In order to own your own domain you need to purchase it via a domain registrar. Ask your web designer if they are able to register the domain for you. Average prices range from $15-30/domain per year depending on which domain and where you register it. Some web designers may charge you a free to register or renew your domain also. 


Now you will be prepared when meeting with your web designer about your new website. The next step in your Internet marketing is putting together a plan for updating your website and promoting it online for lead generation. If you have your conversion points and flow of your website all setup, this will allow you to setup tracking for leads and setup advertising to monitor the results of whether you are getting ROI on your Internet marketing.

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