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Our Team of Experienced Web Designers Can Bring Your Online Business to the Next LevelWeb Design: Creating a Digital Space That Stands Out

Did you know that Canada is home to roughly 37 million Internet users? That's more than 97 percent of the country's population. Having a well-designed website isn't just a bonus for cutting-edge businesses. These days, it's a necessity!

Your website plays multiple roles in your corporate strategy. Not only does it inform potential customers of your products or services, but it's also a valuable marketing tool that can continue to generate business for years to come. While some companies treat their digital footprint as an afterthought, ROI Web Marketing is here to ensure that your website leaves a lasting impression.

ROI Web Marketing is a Google-certified digital marketing firm in Vancouver. We have over a decade of experience building websites for small businesses throughout Canada. No matter your industry, we're ready to boost your brand image and build a website you can be proud to show off.

Why Good Website Design Matters

Getting the best website design possible is about more than aesthetics. While the look of your site is crucial, its ultimate purpose is to help you gain more Internet traffic and business. It's a place to show off what your company can do, keep existing customers engaged, and market to new prospects. A beautifully made website offers plenty of perks.

  • Instant Credibility - Outdated or mismatched designs send the wrong message. Internet users are savvier than ever, and a poorly made website can be a turnoff that affects how customers view your business.
  • Positive First Impressions - There's nothing better than visiting a website full of exciting content to consume. It takes only a split second for visitors to determine if your site and company are worth their time.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation - Want to take your company's Internet presence to the next level? Impressive designs create a feeling of professionalism, building trust with new and existing customers.
  • Consistent Messaging - When you don't dedicate resources to all of your marketing materials, your message can get lost in the shuffle. Your website can act as the anchor, cementing consistent themes and branding.
  • Wide Accessibility - Modern websites aren't just for computers. Top-notch website design will provide a smooth user experience between computers, smartphones, and tablets, making your website more accessible to the masses.

Why ROI Web Marketing is the Web Design Company for Your Business

ROI Web Marketing is ready to help you build a website that takes your business to new levels. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach to website design. As a trusted web design company with over ten years of experience, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service at every turn. Here are a few reasons why you should trust us with your next web design project

  • Bespoke Web Designs - Before starting your website build, you'll go through a detailed onboarding process that provides more insight into your company. We aim to learn as much as possible to develop a website that caters to your unique needs.
  • Responsive and Intuitive Design - Our website designs are more than surface level. We pay attention to the user experience, creating a high-performing final product that's smooth, easy to navigate, and enjoyable.
  • Features That Matter - Our web designers work with several systems, allowing us to build a site with the exact features and functions you need.
  • Broad Compatibility - When you turn to ROI Web Marketing, you can rest assured that you're getting a fully optimized website that looks fantastic on any device.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making - Continual evaluation and analytics drive our web design decisions. We continue to optimize projects, ensuring long-term success.
  • Proven Strategies - We implement tried-and-true market techniques to generate organic traffic while continuously evolving to keep up with the ever-changing Internet landscape.

Leave a Lasting Impact with Web Designers Who Work for You

Ready to bring your organization into the modern Internet age? ROI Web Marketing has the expertise to help you build an impressive website that provides results. From simple corporate sites to a digital space that doubles as a portfolio of your company's work, we do it all.

Contact ROI Web Marketing today to learn more about what we can do for your small business’ web design.


  • "Kevin and his team have done great work for our business. Their knowledge of all facets of online marketing and SEO have helped drive more leads which have turned into numerous new clients. I would highly recommend their services!" - Eric Sakawsky, Worldgo Travel Management

  • "ROI Web Marketing has been supporting and providing only the best service and reliability to Astone Fitness for over 10 years. Kevin Hicks and his very talented team are always quick to reply, resolve any of our IT issues and are friendly and helpful. If you need any help with your online business i'd highly recommend working with ROI Web Marketing." - Astone Fitness

  • "Whatever it is you're doing, keep it up. My hits have become far more valuable lately. In the last three to four weeks I've booked up as much work as half of last year. I have been getting jobs very easily in the last little while. I also get regular compliments on my website. 50% of my prospects mention it. Hats off to you guys." - Marten Kerkhoff

  • "After being in the digital marketing space for 5 years, I've seen the types of businesses that are out there that do digital marketing. Since leaving the digital marketing space, I've had a chance to refer multiple businesses to ROI Web Marketing and have seen them all see success with their digital marketing. Some of them have worked with multiple marketing agencies in the past with limited results and then have not left ROI after getting started with them. Highly recommend the ROI team for all your internet marketing needs!" - Earl Almeida

  • "ROI Web Marketing and Kevin have been helping me build my brands as an entrepreneur for about a decade now. I have nothing but positive things to say about Kevin and ROI. They are professional, courteous, communicative, kind and incredible at what they do. I have a lot of service providers who do their job, but it is rare to find the dedication to quality and service above and beyond what I hope for and even imagine is possible in some cases. I feel very confident recommending ROI to anyone looking for the services they can provide. Thank you for so many years of incredible service and support!" - Les Robertson

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