November 18, 2015

Video - 3 Best Ways Business Websites Can Be Found Online

Before I get into the 3 best ways to be found online you need to understand something...

In order to succeed online you can't just get a bunch of traffic to your website. You need these critical elements in place in order to fully succeed with your Internet marketing campaigns.

1. You need an excellent professional website.

What I mean by that is you need your website to look great, showcase your proper branding colors, and is easy to navigate and read. You'll also want to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

2. You need the right messaging and content that converts.

The website content needs to say the right message to your ideal target audience and your viewers need to connect to what you are talking about. 

3. You need Effective advertising campaigns setup for success.

You want to ensure that you have effective marketing strategies in place in order to attract the right buyers.

4. Monitor and measure your success and adjust accordingly.

Setup goal tracking via Google Analytics to track where your visitors and conversions are coming from. Which marketing strategies are working? Which need improvements? Being able to measure and adjust is one of the most important things you need to do to succeed.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the top 3 ways to best be found online.

1. Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

  • Google AdWords is Google’s paid search option for business owners.
  • You select keywords that you want your ads to be displayed for.
  • You create ads that will be displayed for those keywords.
  • People click your ads and come to your website.

2. Bing Ads

What is Bing Ads?

  •'s paid search option for business owners.
  • Just like Google, you select keywords that you want your ads to be displayed for.
  • You create ads that will be displayed for those keywords.
  • People click your ads and come to your website.

Why Bing Ads?

  • It is the second most popular search engine.
  • Bing Ads are shown on Yahoo search also.
  • Bing is the default web browsers search engine on new installs of the latest Windows computers.
  • There’s not as many competitors advertising on bing. (Good deals on clicks and less competition means better chance of visitors clicking your ads).

3. Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

  • Search Engine Optimization is the techniques used to help get higher rankings in search engines.

How to improve your SEO?

A brief non technical way to describe it is:

  • Improve your website code by making it more compliant with how the search engines read your website.
  • Create more links to your website from other relevant sources on the Internet (including sharing and engaging people on social media).
  • Continually release new fresh content on your website that's relevant for your ideal buyers and keep your website up to date.

Cheat Sheet for SEO:

Here's a quick list of some of the top SEO tactics you as a business owner should implement right away:

  • Register Google My Business & Bing Places for Business.
  • Setup a Dynamic Sitemap on Your Website.
  • Register with Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Central and submit your sitemap.
  • Write content for your blog & send it to your email list.
  • Share your website blog content on social media.


ROI Web Marketing offers marketing packages that include Google AdWords, Bing Ads setup and management as well as full-scale website development for business owners. Is it time for your business to start implementing the best 3 ways to be found online?

Kevin Hicks

Kevin is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using a creative and focused approach to Internet marketing. ROI Web Marketing offers web design and monthly marketing services which include Google Ads pay per click advertising and SEO.

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