February 10, 2015

Simple Social Media Content Strategy

Simple Social Media Content Strategy

Here’s a simple guide to follow which should give you an endless amount of easy to write content for your social media marketing or blogging efforts.

Here’s a simple guide to follow which should give you an endless amount of easy to write content for your social media marketing or blogging efforts.

Let’s use Facebook as our example social platform. You can share videos, photos or plain text information to your audience. Videos get great results on Facebook and allow the user to get encapsulated with what they are watching. But, it might not be practical to create videos all the time. Photos are your next best option and the most efficient way of producing content. People want to see photos of you or your products. Your friends, family and business colleagues will share and like your content which will give it more exposure.

Frequency of Your Posts:

This depends on your business model. A good recommendation is that if you have active paid advertising on Facebook, you want to give proper exposure to each advertisement and allow the full length of each ad spend to get the most exposure it can.

A sample post strategy would be to post every 3-4 days and when you have advertising this allows that post to gain traction without too many other posts cluttering up your page and Facebook knows which post to display to avoid competing posts that end up not being able to use up all their budgets (if the target market is similar).

Content options:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Text

Sample content to post:


Help people understand the benefits or how to utilize your product or service to the best of its ability.


Tell a story about how someone benefited from your product or service.


Do you have a special offer, current promotion or upcoming event? Let people know about it.

Specific Detail:

Describe your product or service or go more in depth on one particular service or product.


Say something inspirational and motivating that speaks to your target audience.

Industry Related:

News or relevant information people should know about what you do or about your industry. Or, link to specific articles or press releases that you’ve come across.

Ask Opinions:

Social media is a great way to do market research. Ask what people want to see more of or ask for an opinion on something specific.

Something Fun:

Just for the heck of it post something fun, cute or heartfelt. Often this is the one that gets the most traction because they can see you are human after all.

Facebook can be a great place to attract new business, gain exposure in the marketplace and receive valuable feedback from your loyal fans. In order to gain much needed exposure as a business, I’d highly recommend setting up paid ads. In my opinion, it’s absolutely necessary for any Facebook marketing campaign to include an advertising budget. The size of your budget entirely depends on your business and expectations of the results.

The posts on your page only go out to 17% of your fan base. Facebook realizes that the user experience wouldn’t be so pleasant if everything was an ad in their face. So they limit this.
In order to gain more exposure you need to pay for it with a pay per click model or pay per impression.

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