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ROI Landing Pages Redefined

When you think of landing pages, people often think of classic squeeze pages.

These are pages that don’t have links to other parts of your website and force the user to fill out a form for more information or to get to the next step.

The way we build a landing page is a little different from the way you may have heard of in the past.

I’ll explain why we do this differently.

Classic Squeeze Landing Pages

The strategy for these types of pages is based on the premise that the user has the right information and enough of a need to want to fill out the form on the page. However, does this gain trust from the user and give the user the right amount of understanding to make the next step?

The Internet has been around long enough for people to have had experiences in the past with these squeeze-style landing pages. The educated user now may not fill out this information because they’ve been “SOLD” in the past. People understand now that unless you really want someone to follow up with you, you may not fill out that form, especially when there are no links to other areas of the website. What happens if I’m not quite ready to buy yet and would appreciate if I could do a little more research on my own before making my decision to inquire or feeling ready to buy?

Now, not to completely knock classic squeeze landing pages here as this works really well for some industries.

The goal for a small business owner with their website is to educate their target audience about how awesome they are, and about their product or services. Let’s face it – your website is basically an online brochure that’s doing the filtering progress for you.

  • Your website is findable by your ideal customer.
  • They get to it and browse around, making their own assumptions until they are ready to inquire.
  • Once ready, the sales process begins, and you begin your customer service.

In this case, you’ll want to allow users to navigate freely to find the information they are looking to build trust, credibility, and integrity. Then, they can make their decision to inquire or buy from you. You aren’t trying to hide anything. Let them browse around and learn all about you and your great-looking website. If you aren’t proud of your website, then maybe there’s something to be done there before starting on any Internet marketing. 😉

How We Build Landing Pages

When we build landing pages for our clients, we have a recipe for how we like to build them. Think of this landing page as a one-page website. On this page, we need to briefly educate the customer about your company (what you do), explain why people should work with you (benefits), show examples of great work (testimonials), and include a call-to-action. Here’s a checklist that can help in building a landing page for small business owners. Keep in mind that the components of a good landing page may vary depending on what you are trying to achieve with the page and that this is very high-level overview of the process. 

  • About your company:
    • Why work with your company? What do you do best? Include unique selling propositions here and your company brand “Why.”
  • Benefits of working with your company:
    • What do people get from working with you? 
  • Powerful headlines:
    • Write bold statements that speak directly to the needs of your customers and what the outcome is from working with you.
  • Testimonials:
    • Include examples of your amazing work. The content shown here talks to customers and provides great examples of what they can experience working with you.
  • Keyword-focused paragraph:
    • Describe your process, products, and/or services, and include main keywords you have planned for this landing page.
  • Conclusion and call-to-action
    •  Wrap up what the user should have as a takeaway from this page, and include a call-to-action. What do you want the users to do next now that they read through your page? Call now? Fill out this form? Order here?

How to Use Your Landing Pages

Google Ads Landing Pages

When your landing page is ready, we add your landing page into your Google Ads campaign into a spot that’s already ready to go. Often, there are keywords or keyword groupings called “ad groups” that are specific to the landing page – we send these ads to go to the landing page. For every ad created in Google Ads, you can redirect it to a specific page on your website (not just your homepage).

Landing pages increase your quality score (a rating of relevance within your campaigns), which in turn gives you a better cost-per-click and potentially a higher conversion rate.

Organic SEO Landing Pages

Landing pages may also give you the benefits of organic search ranking increases. Because you are adding this page to your website as fresh content, this keeps Google happy that you are keeping your website up to date. You gain similar benefits by updating your blog with new content. Ensure that the whole page is well written and unique, not duplicate content from other parts of your website.


Landing pages can help increase conversions and reduce cost-per-click for your Google Ads. They can also help your organic search rankings because you’re adding new, fresh, relevant content to your website that gets indexed by Google.

Contact us today to get started with your Internet marketing, Google Ads & Organic SEO strategies to generate your business new leads on a consistent basis. 

Client Results

We've helped 100s of companies over the last 10+ years grow their business online.
Here are some of their stories.

“As a client of ROI we are very pleased with the service. Kevin and his team go above and beyond to create a great client interaction which allows your vision, as the business owner, to come to life quickly and effectively. We have seen 200% in Jan for growth and 170% in Feb. Give your team and you my best!”

Cecil Bond, Mr. Cover All

“We are using Kevin and his team at ROI Web Marketing for our Hatstore at Granville Island to help boost our Google and Web Marketing activities. His process to learn about the client, their needs and wants as it relates to Internet Marketing is second to none! If you are wanting to promote your business online and get ranked higher on Google, there is nobody finer than ROI Web Marketing!“

Nate Toevs, Granville Island Hat Shop

“Can’t recommend this company for web and SEO marketing enough. Without them I don’t know where I’d be today. They’ve done everything from build my website to optimizing my keywords and build me up a great online presence. KEVIN and his team are very responsive to any of my questions or request. Thank you guys your amazing!“

Kurtis Martin, Unique Detailing

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