June 3, 2018

How to Use Facebook To Boost Your SEO

How to Use Facebook To Boost Your SEO

Google has a very complex algorithm (or rules) that operates its search results. Their guidelines have been clear from the beginning of launching their search engine.

Don't try and inappropriately gain rankings with spammy techniques and...

Content is king! 

What's next is how popular your content is.

  • What do other people think of you after reading your content?
  • Are they sharing it or liking it?
  • Do they engage with it?



Google has made it clear that they are giving more exposure to companies that release content on a consistent basis that is relevant and appreciated via social media. 

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This article will show you a common strategy to gaining more engagement with your blog posts via Facebook, which in turn will boost your SEO. 

What you will need is a blog or area of your website to add your article into and a Facebook page with the ability to manage advertising.


Posting on Facebook & Boosting for SEO

Step 1: Write quality, relevant content on your blog.

Step 2: Post your website link in Facebook.

In your browser, navigate to your blog post, take the URL in the address bar, and copy this link.

address bar copyx

Visit your Facebook Business page, paste your blog post link directly into your post, tell people what your post is about, and invite them to read it.

 facebook posting x

Step 3: Boost this post for engagement.

Once your post is live and you are logged in as the admin of the page, you'll see a "Boost Post" button. When you click this, you will be prompted to create an ad with this post to give your post more exposure and engagement.

 boost post 01

There are many strategies to achieve different results. For our purpose, let's keep this simple and select "Engagement" from the three options that are displayed as the "Goal" for your advertisement.

engagement boost

Next, you will want to define an Audience who you'd like to see this ad. Again, there are several different strategies that can be done here. We are just going to mention two audiences to target. Remember, the focus is on engagement for SEO in this exercise. 

1. Pepole who like your Page and their friends

This audience is a popular choice for engagement because these are the people who know you, like you, and trust you already. They are great for engagement purposes. 

2. People you choose through targeting

This audience can be customized based on geographical areas and demographical stats (age, interests, job titles, etc). If you'd like to go after your ideal target market here, that's another suggestion, but remember that we are only going for engagement, so be sure to test which of the two options works best for engagement, specifically to boost your SEO. 

Step 4: Set a budget.

The last step is to set a budget and duration for your ad. Facebook charges based on how many days you are running your campaign and will do its best to try and use up the budget you've set forth based on the availability of the estimated people reached (when they are on Facebook).

budget duration

Suggestion: The budget can go as low as $1/day. If you are boosting 2 posts per month, you could select 14 days for the duration and $2/day. That way, you'll have most of the month covered with ads running for only $56. This is a super high value when you consider that it has a direct impact on your SEO.

Any questions on Facebook boosting for engagement? Call or email us today to see how we can help your business.

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