September 16, 2020

Best Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business Owners

Best Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business Owners

Video Transcript

We've designed the most efficient and effective Internet marketing package for business owners that works!

In this presentation, I'm going to explain what the best Internet marketing plan is for small business owners and why. Not all companies can afford it, or it may not make sense for your business size to subscribe to this package.

We've built this marketing package to be what you should be doing with your marketing, whether you do some of the work in-house or handle it on your own. This is the plan that includes each element of what an ideal Internet marketing plan for small business owners should have.

Before getting into this presentation, I want to make 3 bold statements about Internet marketing.

  1. Internet Marketing = Most Efficient & Consistent: Internet marketing is the most efficient and consistent form of marketing there is.
  2. Internet Marketing Success = Business Success: When Internet marketing works for you, success in your business is much easier to achieve.
  3. Consistency & Measurable = Important: Being consistent and measuring your marketing are very important factors in business success.

We’ve designed our latest package as the best Internet marketing plan for small business owners.

We call this package our ROI Diamond Marketing Package.

  • Google Ads (PPC), Google Remarketing Ads, Google Call Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing Strategy (Blog Post, Email Newsletter)
  • Social Media Posts (Google My Business, Facebook posts)
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads + Boosting (PPC)
  • YouTube Ads (optional)

Success with Google Ads makes running your business easier.

If you generate ongoing leads from Google Ads, running your business will be easy.

  • Google Search Ads (Text-Based)
  • Remarketing Ads (Display Ads)
  • Call Ads (Phone Call Ads)

If you are ranked at the top of Google for your target keywords, growing your business will be easy.

Here are the 4 Pillars of SEO:

  • Website Content & Keywords
  • Code & Guidelines
  • Popularity & Link Building
  • Content Marketing Strategy

Read more about the 4 Pillars of SEO.

Content Marketing Strategy

  • CMS Document
  • Blog Post
  • Google My Business Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Email Newsletter

Read more about Content Marketing Strategy.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Facebook Boosting

YouTube Ads

This works even better if you are regularly releasing new videos.

  • Video Promotion
  • Pre-Roll YouTube Ads
  • Exposure YouTube Ads

ROI Reports

  • Analytics Goal Tracking Configuration
  • Monthly Marketing Report
  • Top Keywords Clicked & Converted
  • Call Details Report
  • SEO Ranking Report
  • Custom Google Analytics Report

Free Consultation: Now that you know all about what the best Internet marketing package is for your business and why, schedule your free consultation and find out if ROI Diamond Marketing is for you!

Kevin Hicks

Kevin is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using a creative and focused approach to Internet marketing. ROI Web Marketing offers web design and monthly marketing services which include Google Ads pay per click advertising and SEO.

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