Monthly Marketing Reports

Our Digital Marketing Monthly Report Provides Useful Feedback for Marketing ImprovementsThe key to effective marketing is the ability to accurately measure, track and report on that effectiveness so that optimization is based on actual data and you can continually see the true value of your investment. This is one of the greatest advantages of the shift in the world of business over the past decade from TV, radio and newspaper ads to digital marketing and ads. In fact, digital marketing has become so important that it is often the difference between a successful business and a complete failure. If you don’t stay on top of your digital marketing strategy with a good plan and effective reporting, your business will seemingly cease to exist.

Marketing The ROI Way: A Step Towards Success

That is why it is important to have someone you trust handle your digital marketing, and especially your marketing reports. At ROI Web Marketing, our team has years of experience in this field. We are among the top 10 most Google reviewed digital marketing agencies in Vancouver. We take pride in helping small businesses expand their reach with our relentless attention to detail and cutting-edge methods.

We are committed to deeply understanding your business, which is the point of our In-Depth Discovery Meeting. The better we know your business, the better we can personalize a plan of action when it comes to your digital footprint. And that plan can include an interactive monthly marketing report for a visual explanation of how we’re helping you grow your business.

Why Having a Digital Marketing Monthly Report Pays Off

When we establish a marketing plan for you, we will also set some goals. Utilizing our monthly marketing reports is a way to ensure that the strategy we chose is the most effective by using Google Analytics and other tools to gather important information from your website. These reports can track data such as:

  • How many people visit the website
  • How many website viewers are filling out your website form or 
  • How many people click to call you from your website
  • Where website visitors come from
  • Which marketing channels are most effective
  • And much more

It is easy to understand why this is vital to your marketing strategy. But it is not always easy to implement. Our experts are well-equipped to set this up for your business and use the data we gather to make adjustments to your plan.

A Google Ads Advertising Campaign Report to Fit Your Business’ Needs

When you choose a Google Ads package with us, your monthly marketing report will include reporting on further data such as:

  • Which keyword searches lead to clicks on your ads
  • Which keyword searches are most effective at producing conversions
  • How much it costs you when viewers click on your ads
  • What is an average cost per lead
  • And much more

If your website is already up and running, we can use our expertise to add on to it and build reporting into it. And if you are starting from scratch, we also offer web hosting and design. The best part about our web design service is that we will automatically integrate reporting into the website so that you don’t have to go back in later and tweak it. Seeing as how reporting is essential to digital marketing, you save time and money marketing with ROI Web Marketing with the knowledge that we’re using your marketing dollars for your continual benefit.

Your Digital Marketing Monthly Report for the Best Results

An Advertising Campaign Report Gives You a Complete Picture of Your Marketing

Contact us today to have ultimate clarity on how your marketing is performing using highly effective marketing reports.


  • "If you need SEO or pay-per-click web marketing, you need to talk to ROI Web Marketing first. They are extremely skilled and super honest. They will take a holistic look at your online presence and make sure they have all the relevant details to create a fantastic SEO campaign for you. You'll also end up with business and marketing advice from them, too. They also provide expert tracking so you can see the results you're getting from your internet marketing." - Flora Gordon, Graphic Design

  • "Whatever it is you're doing, keep it up. My hits have become far more valuable lately. In the last three to four weeks I've booked up as much work as half of last year. I have been getting jobs very easily in the last little while. I also get regular compliments on my website. 50% of my prospects mention it. Hats off to you guys." - Marten Kerkhoff

  • "There were many Web Designers to choose from. Kevin was by far the most organized, reliable, trustworthy, detailed and professional. I referred him to the company I worked for. He was given the contract. It was an amazing experience as he was an educator. The website was truly in a form of Art Work-not only did I learn from him how websites are created but how profits can be generated by hiring the right person. He is an SEO expert, experienced Web Designer and a Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. I highly recommend Kevin to everyone." - Pam Rai, Insurance Specialist

  • "Kevin has demonstrated his ability to stay a step ahead of the trends. Doing so has enabled me to capture a first page ranking on Google and create growth for my business. I always enjoy hearing what Kevin has in store next for my marketing and how it will impact the growth of my business." - Maki Riddington, Owner of Maki Performance Training

  • "Working with ROI on our web marketing is an absolute pleasure. The team is efficient and skilled. I trust ROI web marketing to guide us to optimize my businesses ad spend. Thank you so much ROI!!" - Kent MacWilliam

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