October 9, 2016

Presentation: What Can an Internet Marketing Company do for your Business?

Presentation: What Can an Internet Marketing Company do for your Business?

Have you ever wondered what an Internet marketing company can do for your business?

What are the strategies and tasks they take on and how does it all work?

Kevin Hicks, Internet Marketing Specialist will be presenting at BNI Urban Professionals on November 16th, 2016. The title of the presentation is "What can an Internet Marketing Company do for your Business?".

This presentation will outline exactly how ROI Web Marketing's monthly marketing services are offered and what areas are covered in an average Internet marketing package. From consulting to implementation, this presentation will give you an excellent overview of what you need to hire an Internet marketing company for and what you can do yourself.

If you are interested in learning what you should do with your Internet marketing or are confused about all the different ways to market your business online, this presentation is for you.

Event Details:

Date: November 16th, 2016
Time: 7 am - 9 am
Location: Chambar Restaurant, 568 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Cost: $27 (Credit card or cash upon arrival)
Includes choice of 3 breakfast options. 

Note: Registration is required. This is a breakfast networking event and the presentation will be during the event. You will meet another 20+ business owners from various different industries. Bring a 60 second pitch about you and your business and a bunch of business cards. More information about the event visit: http://www.bniup.com

Kevin Hicks

Kevin is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using a creative and focused approach to Internet marketing. ROI Web Marketing offers web design and monthly marketing services which include Google Ads pay per click advertising and SEO.

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