Best Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business Owners

September 16, 2020 Written by Kevin Hicks
Video Transcript We've designed the most efficient and effective Internet marketing package for business owners that works! In this presentation, I'm going to explain what the best Internet marketing plan is for small business owners and why. Not all companies can afford it, or it may not make sense for…

SEO Explained: What are the 4 Pillars of SEO?

September 14, 2020 Written by Kevin Hicks
Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing. This article is meant to simplify SEO for business owners, so they can best understand what needs to be done to their website and why. Here are the 4 Pillars of SEO: Website Content & Keywords Code & Guidelines Popularity & Link Building…

ROI Landing Pages Redefined

January 27, 2019 Written by Kevin Hicks
When you think of landing pages, people often think of classic squeeze pages. These are pages that don't have links to other parts of your website and force the user to fill out a form for more information or to get to the next step. The way we build a…

How to Use Facebook To Boost Your SEO

June 3, 2018 Written by Kevin Hicks
Google has a very complex algorithm (or rules) that operates its search results. Their guidelines have been clear from the beginning of launching their search engine. Don't try and inappropriately gain rankings with spammy techniques and... Content is king!  What's next is how popular your content is. What do other…

The Future of SEO and What You Should Do Now

June 3, 2018 Written by Kevin Hicks
Each month, ROI Web Marketing does an internal strategy meeting for each of our clients on what should be done for them to enhance their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click Advertising), website maintenance, and overall Internet marketing exposure. Our clients also ask us what they should be doing…

All You Need To Know About Google My Business

February 26, 2018 Written by Kevin Hicks
Google My Business can be a very powerful marketing tool when used effectively. This article will describe why it's an essential tool for your Internet marketing and how to set it up. What Is Google My Business? Google My Business is Google's directory of business locations. When doing a search…

New Google My Business Posts

September 5, 2017 Written by Kevin Hicks
Google recently released a new feature for Google My Business. You can now add content directly on your Google My Business listing. The benefit of doing this is that it shows up for 7 days directly below your Google My Business listing and directly within Google Maps in a prime…

How to Structure & Write a Blog Post

April 23, 2017 Written by Kevin Hicks
I'm often asked questions about how and when I should blog. The answer is: it depends on your business. I always mention that blogging and social media marketing need to work with your business and procedures that you have in place. Blogging can't be a burden on you and/or your…

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Google My Business

March 11, 2017 Written by Kevin Hicks
If you own a business, you need to have Google My Business registered, verified and optimized. Google My Business is Google's online directory of business listings. You may have seen these listings when doing a search using Google Maps. A bunch of business listings show up on the map, which…

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