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Why Content Marketing Helps Boost SEO

May 12, 2022 Written by Kevin Hicks
Content marketing is essential for businesses to be successful in today's world. Everyone turns to the internet for everything. Even if you are a small mom-and-pop shop, you need to have a good online presence and marketing strategy so that people can find you. Part of an internet marketing plan…

2021 ROI Web Marketing Company Enhancements

March 17, 2022 Written by Kevin Hicks
  I realize the year is well underway but here at ROI we realized that a lot of clients and or followers of ROI aren’t up to speed yet on the latest changes we did within our company all the way back to the beginning of 2021. Last year was…

ROI Digital Marketing Survey - Video

February 16, 2022 Written by Kevin Hicks
See more information here: ROI Digital Marketing Survey

ROI Digital Marketing Survey

February 16, 2022 Written by Kevin Hicks
Hello ROI clients and small business owners. The pandemic has been tough on a lot of small businesses. It’s time to level up your small business and marketing. We’ve just released 2 digital marketing surveys that we would appreciate your input on. 1. ROI Web Marketing Clients - Survey For…
On March 16th, 2022, our very own Kevin Hicks and Rina Liddle from Liddleworks Indie Media will be presenting at BNI Urban Professionals (networking event). You will learn: Case studies of successful digital marketing campaigns How important your website is for advertising success How Google Shopping has helped ecommerce business How different…

Why ROI Web Marketing?

February 1, 2022 Written by Kevin Hicks
Are you spending thousands of dollars on marketing and not making an impact? View this video on what ROI Web Marketing can do to help your business. Download our 3 Easy Steps To Internet Marketing Success
A recent update from Google Ads now requires your business to add their GST number to your ad campaign. Google requires all Canadian ad accounts to input their business GST number, starting July 1st. It is vital that the GST number be inputted before July 1st, so that your ads…

Best Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business Owners

September 16, 2020 Written by Kevin Hicks
Video Transcript We've designed the most efficient and effective Internet marketing package for business owners that works! In this presentation, I'm going to explain what the best Internet marketing plan is for small business owners and why. Not all companies can afford it, or it may not make sense for…
This is a video recording presentation of the presentation that took place on September 9th, 2020. Just in case you missed it ;) You will learn: What an average Google Advertising package looks like What are Google Ads How to measure your success on Google Ads How you can generate…