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Our mission is to help as many businesses as possible enhance their marketing by creating a system of on-going lead generation for them. This allows their business to have more exposure, be more findable and maximize ROI on their marketing.

Here are some of the reasons to work with us:

  • Top 10 Most Google Reviewed Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver
  • Experienced: We have 10+ years of company success improving ROI for businesses in all kinds of industries, managing over $85,000+/month in digital advertising.
  • Complete Digital Marketing Agency: From Custom WordPress Websites to Advertising with Google and Facebook, we can handle your digital marketing to generate more customers for you. Our team is equipped with exceptional programming and marketing skills, so we can design beautiful websites AND get ideal customers to find them online.
  • Marketing Packages for Your Small Business: We offer marketing packages ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses. Ask us about our niche marketing packages for specific industries.
  • Advanced Google Tracking Systems: We are passionate about measuring the results of your marketing as best as possible.
  • Results-Based Measurable & Advanced Reporting: Our transparent and detailed reports update daily with measurable understandable data using metrics that are actually important to your business. Since we measure, monitor, and optimize all our marketing campaigns, you can see exactly how the marketing makes sense for your business.
  • Cutting Edge, Responsive & Adaptable: By staying up to date with the latest in Internet marketing, implementing timeless, agile methodologies, we achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for your Internet marketing campaigns.
  • In-Depth Discovery Meeting: Priding ourselves on a very personal approach catered to your business, every client goes through our onboarding system that’s been fine tuned over years of data and research – the more we learn about your business, the better we can market for you online.
  • Small Business Ambassador: We are highly connected to small business owner communities, passionate about helping businesses grow, and happy to introduce you to other well-respected business service providers.
  • Google Certified: We are Google Certified, which means our company is recognized for competency in using Google products for marketing and receives coupon codes for starting campaigns.
  • Fast Web Hosting: We have a dedicated web hosting service that's fast, reliable, and located in Canada. This helps your website load quickly, which helps your website’s keywords rank higher in Google.

ROI Web Marketing helps business owners run their business efficiently and reduces the stress that they have by supporting their web marketing strategies.

This then creates a better customer experience for this business. The company has the ability to deliver better products or services as they are no longer tied up as much on sales and marketing.

Most of us also know how hard some business owners work and the passion that they commit to their business each and every day. Some of these people don't have normal lives and most are just built this way and often enjoy it. These type of people sometimes don't ever get to where they feel they should be. Sometimes these people wake up one day and look back on their life and realize that they've missed out on things that they wish they hadn't. Our mission is to help these business owners reach their target so they don't go through life with regrets.



Our Team

kevin hicks roiKevin Hicks
My parents raised me to be creative and think outside the box. I never was given any limitations as to what I could create. At a young age I was fascinated with computers and knew they were going to be a big part of my career. Developing businesses and being a part of their success has been a hobby and passion since entering the business world. I have been developing creative websites and marketing since 2003. Internet marketing allows me to continue to create without limitations.


roi samanthaSamantha Bangayan
With an international academic background in psychology research, the transition to Internet marketing was surprisingly smooth. My meticulousness and problem solving skills lead to measurable success in building and growing websites while my global network is a source of innovation as I also have work and life experience in the Philippines, Japan, and Peru. I pride myself on having a diverse, transferrable, and constantly evolving skillset, which I have found to be invaluable to the field of web marketing.


roi alyssaAlyssa Lang
Before discovering web development, I worked as a Quality Control Weld Inspector. It was there that I learned two important things that 1.) Being detailed and thorough is imperative and 2.) I can do anything I put my mind to. While working as a Weld Inspector, I fell in love with learning to code and building websites. I found I was spending all my free hours learning web development, and eventually decided to use my newly-acquired computer skills. Having been a freelance web developer for the past few years now, I am thrilled to be working as a part of a team again. I love knowing that what I do can make a difference for business owners, and when you're working as a team the reach can go much further.


roi krissaKrissa Guevarra
I have been interested in Arts and Design since childhood. As an adult, I found my passion in web programming. By embracing my passion, I can use my design and programming skills to create beautiful responsive websites. I have been developing websites since 2016. I found that SEO is an important key for websites. Since then,  I constantly update my knowledge to stay on top of the game. I am delighted to be part of a web marketing team and being able to show my skill sets through creating websites.


roi danielaDaniela Sartori
Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Canada to start a new life. I have a background in tourism, which led to working in hospitality. Detail-oriented, motivated and hard-working, I challenged myself to take a new path in life and began studying marketing, digital design and web development. I love marketing because it allows me to balance both my creative and analytic side. I am hugely interested in planning and running successful marketing campaigns, and creating meaningful digital experiences. As I learned from soccer, we may play different roles, but all of us must serve one another in order to be successful. That’s why I really enjoy working in a team environment.


rj finneganRJ Finnegan
With a background in international development, going into business wasn't something I envisioned myself doing. However, my passion for knowledge and personal development led me to the world of marketing. Early in my career, I realized marketing is an extension of being creative by coming up with new ideas to communicate to the masses, which made the transition into marketing very seamless. Marketing is limitless. At ROI Web Marketing, I'm proud to be a part of a team that puts others' needs ahead of their own and are passionate about the work they provide.


ImanIman Janghorban
Iman is an educator, engineer, and entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in various roles, including traditional and eLearning lecturer and lead software engineer. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), focusing on leadership & entrepreneurship. Iman is a self-starter and self-learner who is creative and curious. He is passionate about being on the cutting edge of technology and goes to great lengths to find solutions.







Offer business owners the ability to focus more on their business instead of having to worry about where their next customers are coming from. This allows business owners to be able to enhance their level of service and products to create better businesses and customer experiences as well as live their own life without regrets.


To create a structured system and process that business owners can rely on for their marketing strategies and implementation so they can focus on what's important in their life and business.

  • Allowing business owners to be able to focus more on their business instead of having to worry about where their next customers are coming from. This allows business owners to be able to enhance their level of service and products to create better businesses.
  • Assist businesses in creating lead generation machines using their website and Internet marketing strategies.
  • To give small businesses access to all-in-one Internet marketing packages that typically require in-house corporate marketing teams.
  • To offer a system business owners can rely on for their Dynamic Marketing efforts to increase their bottom line with efficient, highly converting websites that maximize ROI.
  • To help the world do business by developing findable websites that display the true colors of each company.

Core Values

Understanding: As perfectionism is impractical in business, it’s flexibility that is crucial to a company’s success. Understand what you need to accomplish by realizing which stage you are at and what you need to do to progress.

Processes and Organization: Although some of the best things in life are better off when spontaneous, processes and organization are essential for businesses. They help you stay focused on what’s important.

Respect: Every person is owed respect for individual feelings, wishes and traditions. When we respect others, we also avoid harming or hurting them.

Supportive and Positive: We believe in helping others and being positive every step of the way. The choice to be happy is all in your mindset.

Success: Personal values determine the different ways success is measured. No matter where you are in life, you should recognize that what’s most important is fulfillment. What is success to you?


The ROI Team Implements Innovative Dynamic Marketing Strategies. Checkout our work.

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