ROI Reporting

ROI Web Marketing ChartWhen you subscribe to one of our Monthly Web Marketing packages, we setup goals for being able to track how many people visit your website and fill out your contact form, call you from a mobile device or send you an email from your website.


Depending on your web marketing goals we can setup specific tracking using Google Analytics within your website as is. We are developers as well as marketing specialists so this allows us to have the skills to modify your website and setup the necessary code to track leads properly.


These reports allow us to figure out whether your web marketing is being effective. If we aren't seeing the results we'd like to see, this report can be a snapshot of what we need to adjust.


The data we receive from the goals we create allows us to be able to figure out which keywords are generating you business and which ones aren't. This allows us to modify your primary keywords for organic search (non paid) as well as Google Ads (PPC or paid ads).

Google Ads Report

Google Analytics Report

Get started today with your Monthly Web Marketing package to start generating new leads and receive your ROI Reports to maximize ROI On Your Web Marketing.