Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks

Kevin is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using a creative and focused approach to Internet marketing. ROI Web Marketing offers web design and monthly marketing services which include Google Ads pay per click advertising and SEO.

Kevin Hicks on LinkedIn

"Kevin and I have collaborated on numerous occasions while working a common commercial account. Kevin possesses a deep understanding of the online retail industry; this combined to his ability to bring together his colleagues and engage them to work towards a common goal have resulted in a net increase in revenues for all clients we have worked for.
-Very strong business understanding for SMB
-Excellent business accumen
-Not scared of taking risks
-Convincing communicator
If you are looking for a well rounded business/marketing consultant, I can definitively recommend Kevin Hicks as a candidate.
" - Patrick Do, SAP HCM Functional Analyst at Canadian National Railway

Tuesday, 24 May 2022 00:39

Ciara Ann O'Connor, Personal Trainer

"Working with Kevin was a great experience as he provided excellent service as well as results. As a bonus, his services were affordable. I would be happy to work with Kevin again!" - Ciara Ann O'Connor, Personal Trainer

Tuesday, 24 May 2022 00:39

David Glisinski, Gannet Diesel

"When I started with ROI Web Marketing, I have to admit that I was struggling with my business. The company not only helped me understand what marketing is all about, but the team also helped me launch a new website and advertising campaign that tripled my business in a year. Now, I get regular phone calls specific to my industry. I didn't know a website could be so useful!" - David Glisinski, Gannet Diesel

Thursday, 12 May 2022 13:24

Why Content Marketing Helps Boost SEO

Content marketing is essential for businesses to be successful in today's world. Everyone turns to the internet for everything. Even if you are a small mom-and-pop shop, you need to have a good online presence and marketing strategy so that people can find you. Part of an internet marketing plan includes content marketing. Let's look at why content marketing is important and how it helps boost SEO.

Creating an Effective Internet Marketing Plan With Content Marketing

To create an effective internet marketing plan, you must first understand what content marketing is and how it works.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic and well-thought-out approach that focuses on creating and distributing value-added content that attracts your customers or defined audience. It is not just about putting words on a website. You need to do keyword research and find topics that will offer value to the reader and are relevant to what you provide. By consistently creating quality content around your keywords, you can increase your search engine rankings, which allows more customers to find you.

There are four pillars of a successful SEO marketing plan, which we discuss in the following section.

Vancouver Website Marketing: The 4 Pillars of SEO Explained

To improve your Vancouver search engine optimization, there are four pillars of SEO that need to be understood and implemented. These include:

  • Website content and keywords
  • Website code and guidelines
  • Link building and popularity
  • Content marketing strategy

Let's take a closer look at each of these four pillars of SEO marketing.

1. Website Content and Keywords

This is the most important pillar of them all. Without quality content and relevant keywords, you will not rank well. However, there are some best practices that need to be followed. You don't want to put keywords in every sentence. This is called keyword stuffing, and search engines do not like it. It can actually decrease your SEO. Keywords should naturally flow through the content but also be strategically placed.

High-quality content should be written, and then more keywords should be added where they fit naturally. Google's algorithm can tell when content is of good quality and will reward sites with such content with better rankings.

2. Website Code and Guidelines

An often overlooked but very important factor when planning a Vancouver website marketing plan is website code and guidelines. Search engines like Google have very specific requirements and rules on how they rank websites. Some of the things that search engines look at are how fast your website loads, hosting speed, whether your website is responsive on all devices, user behavior statistics, and how clean your website code is.

To improve your Vancouver search engine optimization, other technical SEO aspects should be addressed. These include registering your website with Google Search Console and other search engines and creating quality meta tags and ALT tags. By addressing these factors, you will be well on your way to driving more traffic to your website.

3. Link Building and Popularity

In order for your website to be seen as "popular" by search engines, you need to have other links pointing back to your website. By having other sites link back to yours, it tells the search engines that your website is important. You will be rewarded with high search rankings. A big part of this is being active on social media and sharing relevant value-added content with your followers. By boosting your post with ads, you can get even more SEO credit and improved rankings.

4. Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy helps you stay consistent and frequently post new content. Consistency is key. On top of keyword research and idea creation, you need to determine how your content is going to be created and how often you are going to post new content. After the content is created, you should first post it to your blog, then share the blog post on your social media pages. If you have an email newsletter, that blog content should be rewritten and sent out to your subscribers.

How Your Content and Keywords Impact Your SEO Marketing

Keywords are the base of how SEO and content marketing work. Basically, you need to find the keywords that relate to your business and target audience and create content around them. By creating quality content around these keywords, you can increase your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for those specific keywords and thereby increase the traffic of potential customers or clients to your website.

If learning and implementing all of this is beyond you, or you just don't have the time, hiring a content marketing agency is the way to go. At ROI Web Marketing, we have the professionals you need to successfully market your small business online.

Call us today to learn how we can help you succeed in content marketing.

Thursday, 17 March 2022 08:33

2021 ROI Web Marketing Company Enhancements

Databox report roi


I realize the year is well underway but here at ROI we realized that a lot of clients and or followers of ROI aren’t up to speed yet on the latest changes we did within our company all the way back to the beginning of 2021.

Last year was a big year for systems. We added several different software systems to enhance communications and our services.

  1. Databox Reports: monthly marketing clients now have the ability to view report dashboards that pull existing reports from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc into one easy to read location. Only the high value items of data are displayed within these reports. So far in the last year we’ve had some really great feedback on them.

  2. IOR Client Portal: We now have an area that clients can login to view their saved Databox Reports & access their ROI billing invoices. (

  3. Project Management & Time Tracking: We launched our own internal time tracking and project management software which is constantly being fine tuned every week to give better service and get better results.

Some other items to celebrate are:

  • We added two new team members RJ and Iman to our team in 2021. We’ve updated our about page with their profiles here so you can get to know them. :)

At ROI Web Marketing we are always evolving and staying at the top of our marketing game.

Google Ads is offering $600 in ad clicks for new accounts.

Now is a great time to start your Google Ads campaign.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2022 09:57

ROI Digital Marketing Survey

Hello ROI clients and small business owners.

The pandemic has been tough on a lot of small businesses. It’s time to level up your small business and marketing.

We’ve just released 2 digital marketing surveys that we would appreciate your input on.

  • 1. ROI Web Marketing Clients - Survey
    • For current or past ROI Web Marketing clients please fill this survey out. Survey link 
  • 2. Small Business Owners - Digital Marketing Survey
    • For small business owners please fill this survey out. Survey link

Survey Purpose

This survey has been created by ROI Web Marketing Inc. for the purpose of assisting more small business owners with Internet marketing success.

The data provided here will not be sold or repurposed in any other way than to help ROI Web Marketing assist more small businesses. 

Survey Goals

Our goal here is to make sure that we are listening to the needs of our clients more and more as we grow and evolve our business.

The knowledge you provide helps small businesses in general and our company to better understand how we can support you.

Please take the time to fill out and best respond to each of the questions in the survey.

The time is now to stay positive and strong together to level each other up to build a stronger small business community.

Your help is much appreciated! 

Kevin Hicks

CEO & Founder

ROI Web Marketing Inc.

On March 16th, 2022, our very own Kevin Hicks and Rina Liddle from Liddleworks Indie Media will be presenting at BNI Urban Professionals (networking event).

You will learn:

  • Case studies of successful digital marketing campaigns
  • How important your website is for advertising success
  • How Google Shopping has helped ecommerce business
  • How different Internet marketing strategies can work for specific businesses
  • What an average Google Advertising package looks like

This is a networking event held online via Zoom. It's free to join and anyone can attend. 

Registration is required. Contact us for more details if you'd like to attend.

Date: March 16th, 2022

Time: 6:45 am - 9 am
Cost: FREE

Location: Online via Zoom

You'll meet 30+ business owners from all different types of industries. Expect to connect and bring a positive attitude.

A recent update from Google Ads now requires your business to add their GST number to your ad campaign.

Google requires all Canadian ad accounts to input their business GST number, starting July 1st.

It is vital that the GST number be inputted before July 1st, so that your ads account doesn't have any complications with Google and stays in good standing.

If you are a Monthly Marketing client, we can help input the number for you as it can be restricted to specific accounts permissions inside Google Ads.

Here’s more details from Google:

To learn more about becoming a Monthly Marketing client contact us.

This is a video recording presentation of the presentation that took place on September 9th, 2020. Just in case you missed it ;)

You will learn:

  • What an average Google Advertising package looks like
  • What are Google Ads
  • How to measure your success on Google Ads
  • How you can generate ongoing leads to your website

Enjoy the presentation!


Monday, 14 September 2020 18:23

SEO Explained: What are the 4 Pillars of SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing.

This article is meant to simplify SEO for business owners, so they can best understand what needs to be done to their website and why.

Here are the 4 Pillars of SEO:

Website Content & Keywords

The most important factor for SEO is your pages, the content, and the keywords included on them. There are a few technicalities here based on percentage of keywords and best practices, which we won’t discuss in full, although I will say this: there’s no fast or cheat way to achieve success with website content and keywords. Google rewards websites with powerful, unique content with keywords that naturally flow within the content.

Tip: Write high quality content that speaks to the end user, then go back and evaluate if you can fit more keywords in where appropriate.

Code & Guidelines

Google has requirements and rules on what’s appropriate for ranking your website in their search results. How efficient your website loads, how fast your hosting is, user behavior statistics, whether your website is responsive and looks good on all devices, as well as the cleanliness of your code are examples that affect how good your rankings will be in Google search.

There are technical SEO tasks that fit into this category such as registering your website with Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools. Google also reads your website differently than humans do. Meta tags, ALT tags, schema, and other website code-related items are important within this pillar of SEO.

Tip: Fast website = higher rankings. Clean website code, website speed plugins, and fast hosting are important overlooked factors that play a major role. Don’t cheap out on web hosting. Invest in fast web hosting to see improved results.

Popularity & Link Building

Google evaluates how popular your website is based on how many quality relevant links are pointing to your website. Are there other websites that link to yours? This tells Google that your website is important and therefore should be given higher priority in search. This includes how active on social media you are and how many people are liking, commenting, and sharing your posts. Is your website listed in business directories and authoritative websites?

Tip: Sharing well-written, relevant blog posts from your website on social media and boosting your post with ads will give you a boost in SEO juice.

Content Marketing Strategy

Writing ongoing content on your website, usually on your blog (or landing pages) and sent out to social media and your email newsletter list, will help you achieve SEO success. Being consistent can be difficult, which is why we developed our Content Marketing Strategy document.

First, you update your blog, then you share your blog post on social media and use that same blog content (rewritten) for your email newsletter. This is the most efficient way to maximize results from your content writing.

Read our article on the most efficient Content Marketing Strategy and how to roll it out.

We’ve designed our marketing packages based on this methodology. Whether you are taking on some of these tasks in-house or you’d like to hire a marketing agency to manage all of this for you, we have the Internet marketing package that suits your needs.

Get started with a free consultation today!