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Kevin Hicks

Kevin is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using a creative and focused approach to Internet marketing. ROI Web Marketing offers web design and monthly marketing services which include Google Ads pay per click advertising and SEO.

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Saturday, 17 December 2022 07:44

The Importance of Regular Updates To Your Blog

What Is a Blog & Why Do I Need One for Vancouver Internet Marketing?

Digital marketing in Vancouver is a competitive game, and great content can help you win it—but it isn't all you need. Regular updates are a must.

A blog is a website (or part of a website) with fresh content—usually articles—added regularly. Not all businesses have blogs, but they should. Well-crafted content increases organic search engine traffic, gets new customers, and establishes authority. Better yet, it's a bargain compared to paid advertisements.

Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Blog Regularly - Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency

• Boost search rankings—Search engines consider numerous things when deciding rankings, and consistent updates convince search algorithms that your blog is still relevant.

• Share to social media profiles—Unlike static web pages, blogs provide an influx of new material. Each post gives you a reason to share on social media. In this way, blogs do double duty.

• Share more information—Blogs let businesses share as many articles as they please while keeping posts organized in easy-to-navigate categories.

• Get customers back to your site—Out of sight, out of mind. Blog posts allow you to recapture the attention of forgetful fans who love your offerings but can't remember to check your site without reminders.

• Build trust and improve branding—Blogs are a brilliant way to establish authority and expertise; not everyone is able to create authoritative content based on years of experience. You can cover numerous topics with the skill and depth they deserve.

How To Start a Blog: Content Creation & Content Calendars

Preparation is key. That's why you've got to start by generating topics to write about. Brainstorming is one way to do it, but keeping customer interest in mind is essential. Keyword research, reading successful blogs in your industry, and customer interest surveys are a few ways to discover what your audience wants.

Most writers find creating outlines helpful; they provide guidance so that you cover all the relevant details without going off course. The process might take more time than you're ready to give, though. Hiring a copywriter or marketing agency might be wise if that's the case.

Some companies create content and then post it immediately. Still, most businesses benefit from preparing batches of articles ahead of time. No matter what you choose, it's best to create a content calendar. Make one by defining goals, picking a calendar tool, outlining the creation process, establishing timelines, and documenting results to see if you need to pivot.

Though some business owners successfully manage blogs themselves, many prefer to rely on trusted digital marketing agencies. The right agency will save you time and money by doing all the necessary research, using the right tools, creating the ideal schedule, and picking skilled writers.

Get in touch with an SEO consultant at ROI Web Marketing to implement the perfect content marketing strategy!

Monday, 05 December 2022 10:57

Citywide Sundecks

We firmly believe that every company in any industry should have some form of monthly digital marketing in place, and Citywide Sundecks has been been a great success. There was a direct correlation between subscribing to a monthly digital marketing plan with us and getting regular leads from the Internet with very minimal effort on their part.

Citywide Sundecks used to get sporadic leads from trade shows and word-of-mouth recommendations, but they're now convinced that Internet marketing is fantastic for lead generation in an efficient and affordable way without requiring all the effort put into other avenues.

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Monday, 05 December 2022 10:39

Mr. Build

It's such a source of pride to hear the following from Mr. Build: "I'm getting so many leads that I’ve hired an estimator to handle the new ones." The ability to be selective about the larger jobs means the ability to spend more time focusing on what matters. It's been year over year now that he's been booked up with construction projects at least 8-12 months in advance.

Digital marketing has become an essential part of the growth of his business, and it means so much to us that he can see the value in our hard work.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022 00:44

Marissa Hicks

"ROI Web Marketing has been fantastic. They helped my eCommerce website by configuring my products to show up on Google Shopping. They are responsive and hard-working. I highly recommend this digital marketing agency! Thank you so much!" - Marissa Hicks

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 00:40

Christy Zettl

"Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend their services!" - Christy Zettl

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 00:29

Al Filotto

"Very helpful people who can help your business. I highly recommend them!" - Al Filotto

Tuesday, 15 November 2022 11:13

An Introduction to Google Analytics GA4

It’s time now to utilize Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to its fullest potential. With Universal Analytics (UA) being turned off starting in July 2023, you will no longer have access to these reports or the previous history of the reports. There are big action steps that every company needs to take in order to upgrade to GA4. If you are a marketing client with ROI Web Marketing then you have nothing to worry about as we’ve been transitioning all our clients over to GA4 and are just finishing up the final transition which will be completed by month's end.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool in your digital marketing arsenal. For nearly two decades, the service has helped millions of businesses monitor traffic, collect data, and continually improve their marketing efforts across websites and apps. The latest version, GA4, takes things a step further. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to overcome new challenges in a privacy-focused world, helping your business generate leads, improve your online presence, and get the most bang for your marketing buck.

As a Small Business Owner, Why Should You Care About Google Analytics GA4?

Google Analytics is getting a facelift with its new version and your previous ad campaign settings and goal tracking you’ve been doing now are no longer going to work moving forward.

To really utilize Google Analytics to its full potential, your advertising agency should be configuring Goals that function as campaign optimization to get better results for your marketing.

What I mean by this is when you configure goals on contact form submissions, calls from your website, emails from your website, etc. these are triggers that let us know when a lead comes to you. We then bid higher on keywords to generate more leads and this is how we can get great results for our clients.

When you turn off the Google Analytics goals, you may not get the best results in your marketing.

Performance can vary based on the goal configuration and depending on your industry. This is often on a case-by-case basis. Although, as a company, we will tell you that for all our clients we configure Google Analytics goal tracking as a standard practice. Some clients can’t track data for goals properly due to the platform they are using or the way a website is coded. Those clients don’t get as good of results as those who are able to track goals.

Why Google Analytics Matters

Google Analytics continues to be one of the best analytics tools available. GA4 and its predecessors offer a treasure trove of data about your website, allowing you to create powerful reports and gain actionable insights. Data is king in online marketing, and Google Analytics is the easiest way to harness it. With this service, you can create detailed reports including information about:

  • Web, app, and API traffic
  • User demographics and location
  • Device usage
  • Site performance
  • Marketing channel performance
  • User behavior
  • Page popularity
  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rate
  • Content performance and sharing

Google Analytics collects that data automatically and presents it in a way that's easy to digest. With infographics and a customizable dashboard, you can get the precise information you want on your terms.

How Google Analytics Impacts Online Marketing

Every ad campaign and online marketing strategy has a conversion goal. The goals help measure marketing performance, acting as a benchmark for improvement. Whether the goal is to sign up for an email list or make a purchase, Google Analytics equips you with the insights to meet and surpass it!

With the data you collect, you can view user behavior, spot trends, and identify potential weak points that need improvement. For example, you can use the service to see how visitors make it to your site, allowing you to focus on specific marketing channels, work with an SEO consultant to gain more organic traffic, and take steps to generate growth.

Google Analytics can also provide insight into what users think of your sites, apps, and APIs. See how they interact with your content, how your efforts make or break conversions, and what you can do to see improvements across the board.

What's New With GA4?

GA4 is the next evolution of this groundbreaking service. It launched in 2020 and is poised to replace the previous version, Universal Analytics (UA), entirely when Google shuts its doors on July 1st, 2023. GA4 is a vast improvement focusing on overcoming challenges brought on by the new push for privacy. Some of the most exciting changes include:

  • Event tracking - GA4 uses event-based data instead of tracking single browsing sessions.
  • Machine learning - GA4 fills data gaps to provide more information about the customer journey even when users opt out of cookies and data tracking. It also provides predictive capabilities.
  • Cross-device and cross-platform - Track behavior as users jump between platforms and devices.

ROI Web Marketing: A Digital Marketing Agency That Knows GA4

Whether you're migrating from UA or are brand-new to Google Analytics, turn to ROI Web Marketing. We're a digital marketing agency that proudly offers Internet marketing services to businesses throughout Canada. We have over a decade of experience and are experts at Google Analytics tracking. Our team is ready to help you harness the power of data, make the most of the new privacy-focused features of GA4, and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Learn more about GA4 and what it can do for your business by scheduling your consultation with ROI Web Marketing today.

You might have received a notification email from Google recently that describes how GA4 is now the new Analytics. Also, Universal Analytics will no longer be available beyond July 2023.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Attend November 30th’s networking event and find out.

Kevin is the feature presenter at BNI Urban Professionals and will have a 10 min presentation on this topic.

Registration is required. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on the guest list.

Event Details: Zoom Event
Time: 7 am - 8:30 am
Wednesday November 30th, 2022

Monday, 24 October 2022 00:57

Qainoor Khan

"ROI Web Marketing is our go-to for all SEO and web marketing. They have been helping us maximize our revenue for years. We are thrilled with their service. They are skilled, reliable, quick to respond and resolve our issues in a timely manner. I would highly recommend their services!" - Qainoor Khan

When you want to build your company's online presence, gain organic search traffic, and interact with customers old and new, a Google Business Profile (GBP) is the way to do it. Formerly known as "Google My Business," GBP is Google Search’s online directory of business listings.

GBPs are small listings that pop up when users perform a search using relevant keywords. They appear on results pages and integrate with other services, such as Google Maps. Think of your profile as a central information hub for your company. It's an essential tool in your marketing arsenal; no modern business is complete without one. Below we’ll look at the various benefits of having a Google Business Profile along with how to register and optimize your listing.

Why GBP Should Be Part of Your Vancouver Internet Marketing Strategy

If there's only one thing you do to market your business online, it should be registering and updating a GBP. Here's why:

Visibility: GBP allows your business to appear on relevant SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Company details - Provide crucial operating information like hours, address, phone numbers, service details & more

Organic search traffic - You can drive traffic to your company’s website

Local SEO - Appear on Google Maps and Google Local Pack Listing.

Build trust - Verify business details to give customers peace of mind

Increased engagement - Create opportunities for customers to engage through reviews, questions, online ordering hubs, and more

Stand out from the competition - Quality optimization from an SEO company can make your listing more appealing than competitors

Actionable Insights - Harness the analytical power of Google to learn more about your target demo

Digital Marketing in Vancouver: How to Register Your GBP

Register your business profile by logging into your Google Account and creating a listing. In some cases, a profile may already exist for your company. You can claim it to take control.

Google will then ask for a few business details. Afterward, you’ll be given options on how you’d like to verify your business. Options may include:

  • Email
  • Phone call or text
  • Video recording
  • Live video chat with a Google rep
  • Physical postcard via mail

Optimizing Your Profile With an SEO Consultant

It's not enough to claim your GBP. To have an impact, it needs updated information. The best approach is to fill out as many details as possible. But here are the most important things to update for complete optimization.

  • Business Information: This includes details like business name, address, phone number, website link, hours of operation, etc.
  • Categories: Individual descriptors that tell Google and search users what type of business you do.
  • Service Areas: Information about the local areas you serve.
  • Keyword-rich description: A short blurb describing your business. If you have multiple locations, create unique blurbs for each.
  • Photos: Upload business logos, cover photos, images of your physical locations, and other relevant pictures.
  • Videos: Short marketing-style videos showing customers what your business is all about.
  • Services and products: Provide a glimpse of your business's services or products.
  • Google Business Profile posts: Social-style posts for announcements, limited-time offers, stock alerts, and more.

The Importance of Google Business Profile Reviews

Reviews are a widely utilized feature of Google Business Profile. It's a place for consumers to leave feedback, further legitimizing your company and improving local SEO. Patrons can leave reviews on their own accord, or you can generate a review link to send to satisfied customers. But what about bad reviews?

Negative reviews allow you to make amends with unsatisfied clients, showing that your business cares and encourages constructive feedback. Respond to all posts, and you can create a lasting connection with your customer base.

Turn to an SEO Consultant

Registering your GBP is only the beginning. To continue seeing positive results, keep your profile up to date. Do it yourself, or turn to an agency that handles digital marketing in Vancouver.

Regular updates ensure you share the most accurate information and grab every chance to engage customers. Updates improve your SEO, help you improve your online reputation, and leave a positive impression on future customers.

Claim your Google Business Profile and make the most of this free online marketing tool. When you want to maximize its potential, ask about our SEO marketing packages. We're a Vancouver Internet marketing company ready to help you gain more leads and boost your bottom line.

Call us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how GBP and our monthly marketing packages can help your business reach new heights.

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