Google Ads Management

We Manage Google Ads For You

How Google Ads Management Works

We consult, research, build, and manage Google Ads for you.

Depending on the needs of your business we can achieve the following marketing goals:

  • Lead Generation

    Get your ideal clients to find you online via Google Search ads. This is the most common reason to use Google Ads. This can be the most challenging for some marketing agencies. But this is what we specialize in. ;)

  • Phone Calls

    We can improve the amount of phone calls you are getting from Internet marketing by running specific campaigns to increase call volume.

  • Exposure Marketing

    If you are looking to increase brand recognition or awareness we can implement display advertising or YouTube Ads to get more people to know about your business.

  • Customer Retention

    Empowering existing customers to buy from you again or to convert later into a lead by showing them Google Remarketing ads or we can build specific audiences to bring them back to your website to purchase or inquire.

  • Programmatic or Demographic Targeting

    Ads can be customized to target demographics (age, gender, location, etc) or programmatic (automated or smart ads) that learn through behaviors of existing paid advertisements. These ads improve over time based on AI settings within the campaigns.

All campaigns we create for you to keep. If it doesn’t work out and you’d like to discontinue services, the data is all yours.

We link your credit card directly to Google Ads so you know you get exactly what you pay for.

Our marketing services are separate from the ad spend itself.

Our unique custom process has taken 10+ years to fine tune and we are very proud of our process.

Why ROI Web Marketing?

  • We have 10+ years of company success improving ROI for businesses in all kinds of industries.
  • You get what you pay for with Internet marketing, and we strive for results.
  • Our team is equipped with exceptional programming and marketing skills, so we can design beautiful websites AND get ideal customers to find them online.
  • We pride ourselves on a very personal approach catered to your business. The more we learn about your business, the better we can market for you online.
  • We have a dedicated web hosting service that's fast, reliable, and local to Vancouver, BC. This helps your website load quickly, which helps your website’s keywords rank higher in Google.
  • We measure, monitor, and optimize all our marketing campaigns. Since we can track results, you can see exactly how the marketing makes sense for your business.
  • We continually evaluate our strategies and procedures to better serve you and to achieve the best ROI for your Internet marketing campaigns.
  • We are Google Certified, which means our company is recognized for competency in using Google products for marketing.

  • We are experts at managing Google Ads and results is what we strive for.
  • We manage multiple campaigns for ourselves and test new features on ourselves before implementing them to our clients accounts.
  • We have built our own custom reporting software that allows us to track how your marketing is performing.

How to Get Started

  • Step 1: Book an initial call or free consultation.

    Ask initial questions and get comfortable with how it all works.

  • Step 2: Discovery meeting

    We learn about your business, history, ideal target audience and marketing budgets.

  • Step 3: Select a marketing package and begin marketing.

    Decide on a package and advertising budget and the rest is on us to start getting you leads!

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