J.B. McDermott's Collision & Repair

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
J.B. McDermott's needed help updating their client base on their new location. Google Maps and various directories online were showing the business as being closed. ROI Web Marketing is making their company more findable online for their brand keywords as well as ideal target keywords. Visit the Website    

Rechsteiner Construction

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
For Rechsteiner Construction, we designed an image-focused website set to update the portfolio page automatically when new projects are completed. The website design features 3 current projects that are displayed on the homepage dynamically. The footer of the website is designed to retain leads with a simple intake form to…

MacNeil Benefits

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
This custom web design showcases the services of MacNeil Benefits, providing quality employee benefits and retirement programs. The website is setup with a blog for the company to post the latest news and educational pieces to help business owners retain their employees. Visit the Website  

Vancouver Business Accelerator

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
Vancouver Business Accelerator is a Vancouver-based event where business owners can learn how to take their business to the next level. This website features event ticket sales, speakers and event details. We used a mobile-enhanced layout for easy viewing on mobile devices and to maximize social sharing. Visit the Website…


April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
The BNI UP web design showcases members of BNI Urban Professionals. Members of this networking group can view featured upcoming events and reference materials. Visit the Website    

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