West Side Family Place

September 8, 2017 Written by Kevin Hicks
A customized, interactive events calendar integrated with Google Calendar is one of the special features of West Side Family Place's website, key to staying in close touch with participating families. Through their new website, community members can learn more about how to get involved, join a program, and become a…

Vancouver Business Accelerator

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
Vancouver Business Accelerator is a Vancouver-based event where business owners can learn how to take their business to the next level. This website features event ticket sales, speakers and event details. We used a mobile-enhanced layout for easy viewing on mobile devices and to maximize social sharing. Visit the Website…


April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
The BNI UP web design showcases members of BNI Urban Professionals. Members of this networking group can view featured upcoming events and reference materials. Visit the Website    

Mount Pleasant Family Centre

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
The Mount Pleasant Family Centre, a safe family drop-in space, boasts its community's new home on the Internet. Families can easily register, donate, and stay up to date on events and programs through the website's user-friendly design. Visit Their Website  

EPIC Schools

April 3, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
Through their website, EPIC Schools explains their concept of an innovative school design involving integrated communities. With an easy-to-use Content Management System, EPIC Schools can implement website updates on their own. Visit the Website