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We Offer Affordable Custom Websites that are Effective and FunctionalThe necessity of establishing an online presence as a business has become increasingly clear over the past decade. If you are not online, you seemingly don’t exist. And not only is it paramount to have a presence, but it’s also important to keep that presence relevant with digital marketing and strategies that drive traffic to your website. Otherwise, it will fall into obscurity along with hundreds of thousands of others.

The whole process can be daunting if you choose to tackle it yourself. Sure, a lot of people can get on WordPress and attempt their own website design. But if you lack the expertise to design it professionally or keep it at the forefront with the right tools and advertising methods, you will be wasting your time and efforts.

Affordable Custom Websites Built for Success

That’s why it is important to trust seasoned business website builders. ROI Web Marketing is led by a team of highly experienced digital marketing specialists with over 10 years in the business. We are focused on small businesses and provide expertise in every area of your digital footprint, from web hosting to the best website design and advertising.

We are proud to be in the top ten most Google reviewed digital marketing agencies in Vancouver. And we understand that success requires much more than having a digital presence. There are methods that must be used to not only drive traffic to your website, but to also maintain it in a favorable spot on Google, giving your website the best chance of appearing on the first page of every relevant Google search.

Maintain a High Google Rank with an SEO Website

One of the best techniques to accomplish this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This strategy includes many factors such as:

  • Minimal plugin use and efficient coding for optimal website speed, an increasingly important factor to Google
  • Using and correctly configuring an SEO plugin
  • Creating content that contains keywords that are highly searchable in relation to your business, so whenever a potential customer uses a Google search that includes any of those keywords, Google will lead them straight to your website

The websites we build are highly functional and additionally come with a built-in SEO strategy to make your digital space instantly significant. This saves you from the two-step process of getting the website built and then having to go back and tweak it for SEO.

A Website Design Company That Goes the Extra Mile

Our team is committed to understanding what your business is all about so that we can build you a successful website. Your online presence will show potential customers exactly who you are and what you have to offer. For that reason, the first step to our website building process is an interview to give us a good grasp on your business’s identity.

We will then suggest which components and elements would best suit your website. Once it is ready for review, we will go over it with you and polish off the finishing touches. And when it is time to go live, we can handle all aspects of your website launch efficiently for streamlined publication.

But perhaps the most important part of your online presence is maintaining your significance through proper web marketing. Because our business website designs are custom-built to include this, it is easy to continuously drive the right potential clients to your website. Moreover, we offer an array of marketing packages that allow us to do the work that keeps your website thriving all year long.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consultation to get started on your website design.


  • "Kevin and his team are fantastic to work with. They have helped us navigate the complex system of Google Ads. They made it easy to make sure our money brings in quality leads. It's bee a great Return On Investment! Thank you ROI!" - Dasha Maslennikova

  • "We had enough to take on starting up our longboarding store. The budget was tight and we needed a website that would give us marketing and exposure for our niche audience. ROI Web Marketing gave us exactly what we were looking for. The website is easy to update and maintain on our own. Even when we have questions, their staff are always there to meet my needs. I continue to recommend ROI Web Marketing to anyone looking for a website and/or looking to market their business on the Internet." - Mischa Chandler, Flatspot Longboards

  • "There were many Web Designers to choose from. Kevin was by far the most organized, reliable, trustworthy, detailed and professional. I referred him to the company I worked for. He was given the contract. It was an amazing experience as he was an educator. The website was truly in a form of Art Work-not only did I learn from him how websites are created but how profits can be generated by hiring the right person. He is an SEO expert, experienced Web Designer and a Marketing Specialist at ROI Web Marketing. I highly recommend Kevin to everyone." - Pam Rai, Insurance Specialist

  • "ROI Web Marketing and Kevin have been helping me build my brands as an entrepreneur for about a decade now. I have nothing but positive things to say about Kevin and ROI. They are professional, courteous, communicative, kind and incredible at what they do. I have a lot of service providers who do their job, but it is rare to find the dedication to quality and service above and beyond what I hope for and even imagine is possible in some cases. I feel very confident recommending ROI to anyone looking for the services they can provide. Thank you for so many years of incredible service and support!" - Les Robertson

  • "ROI Web Marketing is our go-to for all SEO and web marketing. They have been helping us maximize our revenue for years. We are thrilled with their service. They are skilled, reliable, quick to respond and resolve our issues in a timely manner. I would highly recommend their services!" - Qainoor Khan

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